Second Calvary Cemetery - New Yorkers Carved in Stone
by Rosemary Muscarella Ardolina

New York's Calvary Cemetery has thousand of monuments, and the author has devoted endless hours to collecting their inscriptions. In her first volume, published in 1996, she reported over 5,000 inscriptions in "Old Calvary." As it would be impossible for one person to attempt to record every burial in this huge cemetery, Mrs. Ardolina has selected only those stones that show a place of origin, plus a few hundred that state Civil War or Spanish-American War service, or are in poor condition and may soon become unreadable. This volume contains 3,305 numbered entries, most of which identify two or more persons. Over 3,000 places of origin in Ireland are identified, almost all of them including the county and many the parish or townland as well. There are also 179 stones that identify places in other countries, of which 70 are in Italy. In addition to a name index there is a useful index to the places of origin through which the researcher can identify other immigrants from the same location.

Calvary Cemetery holds the remains of more than 3,000,000 persons in its 365 acres, making it by far the largest burial ground in New York City. Established by the Archdiocese of New York in 1848 at the height of the Irish famine immigration, it is the last resting place of hundreds of thousands of Catholic immigrants and many generations of their descendants. For those who cannot travel to the cemetery or who do not even know that they have relatives buried there, Mrs. Ardolina's book may open genealogical doors that seemed forever closed. We highly recommend this volume to all genealogists with New York immigrant roots.

(Review by Harry Macy, Jr., F.A.S.G., Editor, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record) 2000, xiii, 277 pp., 8 x 11, illus, map, photos, index, paper

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