Roman Catholic Marriages in the Diocese of Tuam, Ireland 1820 - 1829
by Helen M. Murphy & James R. Reilly, C.G.R.S.

Among the restrictions imposed by the English government in an effort to eradicate the Catholic faith in Ireland was the law of 1709 that forbade the keeping of Catholic sacramental registers of baptism and marriage. Surviving parish registers indicate that the law was effective with few rural and a small number of urban sacramental registers extant for the entire eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. This collection of marriages is a unique treasure among the extant Catholic registers, almost four thousand records of brides and grooms whose children were the adults of the Great Famine period.

The Diocese of Tuam encompasses the southern part of Co. Mayo, the northern area of Co. Galway and two civil parishes along the western border of Co. Roscommon

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