Irish Immigrants of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank
1850 - 1853, Volume I

The discovery of the records of the Emigrant Savings Bank ranks as one of the most important events for researchers of mid 19th Century New York. We are provided with not only the complete names of parents, but also the names of siblings and often where they were domiciled. In the case of immigrants we learn the exact place of birth, the ship and port of arrival in America and often all their movements subsequent to that time. It is just the sort of extra detail, which delights researchers - especially those engaged in doing genealogical work.

Kevin Rich's careful transcription of penmanship of over a century ago into printed form is a vast improvement over working with the original form. With this first volume Kevin Rich as given us a valuable tool to add depth to the study of life in 19th Century New York. His hard work and diligence will doubtless help legions of researchers in years to come. All lovers of the history of the city will eagerly await the publication of the remaining records.

(Above review by John Ridge, Past President of the New York Irish History Roundtable and author of Erin's Sons in America; The ancient Order of Hibernians, the St. Patrick's Day Parade and The Sligo Irish).

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